Handcrafted Lighting made in Herefordshire

Marble Factory Construction

Work in Progress
Inspired by recent visits to Venice and the Balaeric Islands Sue Hutchinson took on design management of converting the old factory space in Bristol into a VIP room. Marrying the industrial with indulgent upholstery and mid century classic furniture she is creating a beautiful space.
 I was brought in to deliver lighting and tables. With an extraordinary synchronicity Sue had seen a rusted steel square chandelier and I was working on some cubed copper lampshades for a table light, the two ideas blended into the beaten copper 1 metre cube lights. The original copper lampshades were enlarged to become the pendant bar lights and graphite steel brackets were made to hang delicate paper shades for the wall lights. Heavy steel dinning tables with oak floorboard tops were given a twist by hot slumping their middle legs.
See MARBLE FACTORY BARfor the finished results.